Within the Tavi Draugi project, Ukrainians actively socialise and acquire the knowledge necessary in the Latvian labour market

Around 400 people, most of them Ukrainians living in Riga, took part in the “Know More, Accomplish More” project organised by the association Tavi Draugi from October last year to March this year, which focused on socialising and acquiring skills needed in the Latvian labour market.

The project “Know More, Accomplish More”, implemented by Tavi Draugi with the support of the Riga City Neighbourhood Residents Centre, provided Ukrainians living in Riga with an opportunity to meet, exchange experiences, gain knowledge to promote their integration in the Latvian labour market, develop their creative skills and get to know Latvian history and cultural heritage a little better together with people from Latvia.

To promote the integration of Ukrainians in the Latvian labour market, five well-attended lectures were organised under the project: seminars on data protection, consumer rights protection, labour law and entrepreneurship and taxation, as well as a workshop of speech and communication skills development.

Overall, 28 activities took place under the project “Know More, Accomplish More”, led by both Latvian and Ukrainian tutors, including discussion and board game evenings, photo orientation, a tour of the Barricades Museum and various creative activities.  In total, all the activities were attended by approximately 400 people of different nationalities, some of them participated repeatedly.

The “Know  More, Accomplish More” activities were held in the creative living room “Творчі зустрічі” (from Ukrainian – creative meetings) of the association Tavi Draugi.  It is like a cultural and educational centre where everyone has the opportunity to come together in a cosy atmosphere, talk, express their talents and learn something new.

Renāte Grundštoka, representative of the association Tavi Draugi:  “During the project “Know More, Accomplish More” we have once again seen that, in addition to receiving practical assistance, it is important for Ukrainian nationals in Latvia to learn about the specifics of our labour market, integrate to and learn more about our history and culture.  We are grateful for the opportunity to implement the integration and socializing project and to provide the much-needed non-material support. We are also happy that new talents have been discovered during the creative activities and that several traditions have developed, such as knitting evenings, a book club and various weekly workshops, which will definitely continue.”

For further information on what is happening in the Tavi Draugi living room, donation possibilities and registration for the events, please visit the association’s social networks ej.uz/Tvorchi_zustrichi_FB,  ej.uz/Tvorchi_zustrichi_IG and here.

Funding for the project “Know More, Accomplish More” is provided by the European Union within the framework of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

Further information:

Renāte Grundštoka

Representative of the association Tavi Draugi

Mob. 26554194,  e-mail: [email protected]