What is Tavi Draugi?

About Us

Welcome to the website of the charity association Tavi Draugi! 

Since the day the world was shocked by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the association Tavi Draugi has been providing coordinated humanitarian aid to Ukrainian civilians in Latvia and Ukraine by organising and coordinating the voluntary involvement of Latvian people, organisations and businesses in providing help. We will continue doing it as long as it is necessary. 

The association was established in Engure in 2013. Up to the day when the full-scale war in Ukraine started, the association provided help and support to needy families and those facing problems right here, in Latvia. For example, every year during Christmas time we visited 20-25 poor families and lone seniors in Tukums region bringing joy to 80-100 people.

Areas of activities

  • Providing humanitarian and other types of aid to Ukrainian citizens in Latvia.
  • Providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainian citizens in Ukraine. 
  • Extending support to families, lone seniors and other target groups in the capital city and regions in Latvia. 
  • Developing and maintaining closer cooperation between non-governmental organisations with similar goals.
  • Raising public awareness about the principles of work, methods and resources of charity organisations.

Further information

The strategic plan for 2023 and the statute of the association Tavi Draugi.  The association TAVI DRAUGI has been granted the status of a public benefit organisation.

What we have accomplished

  • Since 26 February 2022 we have been active in supporting Ukrainian nationals in Latvia, in Ukraine and on the borders of different countries. 
  • Initially we took the humanitarian aid in cars and passenger buses to the Ukrainian/Polish border crossings to enable the people waiting in the long queues to warm themselves and get a warm meal. 
  • In parallel with that, when returning to Latvia, we brought with us Ukrainians fleeing from Ukraine. All in all, we have taken more than 5000 Ukrainians to Latvia. 
  • When refugee flows on the borders decreased, we reset our activity focus to collecting bulky cargoes of humanitarian aid and taking them to the territories hardest hit. 
  • Overall, we have delivered to Ukraine humanitarian aid of approximately 10000 m3 worth approximately 5 million euro.
  • At the humanitarian aid point of the association Tavi Draugi at Ventspils iela 50, K-3, Riga, donations are received, sorted and the humanitarian aid is both distributed on site and collected for delivery to Ukraine. 
  • Overall, the Ukrainian war refugees have received the basic essentials (clothing, hygiene products, food and other household goods) there in more than 27 000 cases. 
  • Since October 2022 we also have been providing support to refugees on the Latvian-Russian border where we welcome people who have been waiting for hours and even for days on the Russian side to be allowed to enter Latvia. We support Ukrainians by providing them warm meals and beverages, dry clothes, access to the web, possibility to get a sleep, as well as information about their next destination. 
  • Since we started to provide support at border crossings, we have helped more than 45 000 Ukrainian refugees.
  • The number of association’s volunteers reaches approximately 5000, and we are grateful to each of them for their help. The core of our team comprises 15 persons from Latvia and the same number of volunteers from Ukraine.
  • We are really proud of the award “Rigan of the Year”, awarded to us by Riga City Council in 2022.


It is our duty to support those who are doing badly and who need support now and at once. We do believe that together we are a powerful force and can achieve more. The key to success lies in cooperation with the public at large and our supporters and cooperation partners.

Bank details

Reg. nr.: 50008218771
Legal address: Spares street 18/1, Riga, LV-1002
Bank: AS Swedbank
Account nr.: LV21HABA0551046111790
The association TAVI DRAUGI has been granted the status of a public benefit organisation.