Companies are invited to participate in a donation collection campaign, organised by Tavi Draugi

The association TAVI DRAUGI is launching a donation collection campaign and would like to invite your company to take part in it: to organise collection of in-kind donations on the premises of your company in support of different charity projects.

Employees are invited to donate good items they no longer need: clothing of different styles, shoes, books, crockery, jewellery, toys and other useful household items.

Some of the donated items will be sent to the charity shop of the association Tavi Draugi at Ģertrūdes iela 32 and will be converted into financial donations for one of the current charity projects in Latvia or Ukraine.

Should your team be interested in such a campaign, please consider whether you would like to organise it on a seasonal basis or less frequently: twice or once per year.

The association will arrange for the donations to be transported to our warehouse at Ventspils iela 50, Riga.

Do a good deed: help us to help our fellow human beings in need!

Contact: Zane Priedīte, [email protected]