Tavi Draugi invites Ukrainians and Latvians to integration events in December

Proceeding with the project “Know more, accomplish more”, launched in autumn, the association Tavi Draugi will hold creative workshops, a debate evening, a lecture on labour market issues and a board game evening in December. The events are free of charge, and the Ukrainians and Latvia’s people of all generations residing in Riga are kindly welcome to take part in them. 

The activities of “Know more, accomplish more” take place at the Living Room “Творчі зустрічі” (“Creative meetings” in Ukrainian) of Tavi Draugi culture and education center at Amatu iela 4, on the 6th floor of Riga Support Centre for Ukrainian Residents. 

With the support of Riga City Neighborhood Residents Centre to the project “Know more, accomplish more”, Ukrainians residing in Riga have an opportunity to develop their creative skills, get to know the history and cultural heritage of Latvia and Riga, and meet Latvians. To facilitate the integration of Ukrainians in Latvian labour market, we organise seminars about data protection, consumer rights protection, labour rights, developing presentation and communication skills, entrepreneurship, and taxes.  

On Tuesday, 19 December at 17.00, an educational “Know more, accomplish more” seminar for Ukrainian nationals will be held by lawyer Elīna Sviridova covering the issues of integration in the Latvian labour market, inter alia on drafting a CV and job interviews. On Saturday, 16 December at 17.30, a debate evening will be held for Ukrainian nationals. The Ukrainians who have already settled down in Latvia’s socio-economic environment will share their experience with their compatriots to provide practical advice, encourage and inspire them. 

On Sunday, 17 December at 15.30, a board game evening will offer games popular with Ukrainians, Latvians and all over the world, e.g., chess, cards, strategic games and others.   Before the event a short excursion is planned to cultural heritage sites in the vicinity of Amatu Street. 

Other activities planned at the Living Room “Творчі зустрічі” in December: 

  • On 3, 13, 20 and 27 December at 18.00: knitting club where Ukrainians and Latvians together knit socks and other winter clothes necessary for Ukrainian soldiers;
  • On 16 December at 10.00: Christmas wreath making workshop;
  • On 19 December at 15.00: painting workshop for children. 

“Since October approximately 150 Ukrainians and people from Latvia have taken part in the activities of the project “Know more, accomplish more”. Debate and board game evenings are particularly popular where in a free atmosphere one can forget about the daily issues at least for some time. It is really wonderful that people return to us, Ukrainians and Latvian people of different generations come here, inspire each other and learn something new together, both creative and practical skills,” says Renāte Grundštoka, representative of Tavi Draugi.

“Know more, accomplish more” activities and events will continue by March 2024. Further information on the activities at the Living Room of Tavi Draugi, donation possibilities and registration for the events is available on the association’s social media accounts ej.uz/Tvorchi_zustrichi_FB,  ej.uz/Tvorchi_zustrichi_IG and here. 

Funding for the project “Know more, accomplish more” is provided by the European Union within the framework of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

About Tavi Draugi

The association Tavi Draugi provides coordinated humanitarian aid to Ukrainian civilians in Latvia and Ukraine by organising and coordinating the voluntary involvement of Latvian people, organisations and businesses in providing help. Up to the day when the full-scale war in Ukraine started, the association provided help and support to needy families and those facing problems right here, in Latvia. However, from the first day of the war, the focus was rapidly changed to providing help to Ukraine. Among other things, help has also been ensured to Ukrainian war refugees at Latvian– Russian border crossings. More detailed information about the association, as well as donation and support possibilities is available here. 

Further information:

Renāte Grundštoka
representative of the association Tavi Draugi
M. 26554194
e-mail: [email protected]