For supporting the production of “Kamikaze” drones

During the war, the group “Droni Kamikadzes”, established by Ukrainian soldiers, have started producing drones for the army, and they are seeking different ways of attracting donations for that.

Before the war, the head of the group had been a multimedia artist; now he has created several T-shirt designs featuring the logo/brand of the group “Kamikaze drones”.

As the soldiers themselves are serving on active duty, further activities have been quite slow, and help is required. We have started the production of T-shirts designed by the artist; they can be obtained in exchange for a donation both here in Latvia and in Ukraine. The production costs of one T-shirt are EUR 15.00, and an equivalent amount is added as a donation for each T-shirt sold to purchase drone parts.

Banking details

Name: Tavi Draugi
Registration No: 50008218771
Legal address: Spāres iela 18 k-1, Rīga, LV-1002
Bank account: LV21HABA0551046111790
Bank: Swedbank AS
Purpose of payment: For supporting the production of “Kamikaze” drones

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