Purchase of a car for a large family

Purchase of a car for a large family
Amount needed: 2000EUR
Amount donated: 2486EUR

“There are days when you just want to give up! To hide from the whole world and just watch what happens next… There is no strength to keep on struggling and hoping for help or support…” All mothers of special needs children know these moments of weakness, pain and helplessness. So does Baiba from Jēkabpils. There are four children in her family: Mareks (14), Emīlija (12), Kārlis (7) and Paula (4). Their whole life turned upside down four years ago. The health of the mother and all her children deteriorated sharply. Various symptoms of pain appeared. Then suspicion arouse that this whole bouquet of diagnoses might have a genetic cause. Each of them has their own diagnoses, but they all need medical tests and examinations, expert advice, medication and injections. Children have developed progressive joint diseases, various allergic inflammations and reactions; one of them needs special orthopaedic shoes, another one – geneticist’s examinations and consultations, and yet another one – injections and constant monitoring by experts.

Nevertheless, Baiba tries to hang on and does everything she can to make sure her children do not see how difficult it is for her. When asked what happiness is, Baiba says: “When you walk past a pharmacy and don’t go in because nothing hurts. When you walk past a shop, and you don’t need anything. You just go home, where you are welcomed and loved.”

But now the family has suffered another misfortune, which unfortunately they cannot cope with on their own – the family’s only car has broken down and is no longer able to perform the important task of travelling from Jēkabpils to Riga to take the family to the doctors and back home.

We, TAVI DRAUGI, invite you to join us in helping and giving the family a miraculous Christmas present – a 7-seater car! We have found a suitable car, calculated the technical/registration costs and invite everyone to be part of this gift!


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