Biedrības “Tavi draugi” angārā top maskēšanās tīkli Ukrainas bruņotajiem spēkiem!

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the like-minded people and our wonderful volunteers,and the valuable advice of our friends who are making nets elsewhere in Riga and other regions of Latvia, camouflage nets for the Ukrainian Armed Forces are at lastbeing made also in the hangar of the association Tavi Draugi!

The main function of camouflage nets is to hide equipment, ammunition, vehicles and humanitarian aid cargoes from the aggressor.

The nets are made using strips of featherweight spunbond fabric in different shades and a net base that visually resembles a fishing net but is more lightweight. The technique of making the netting is adapted in each particular case, taking into account the specific characteristics of the area for which the nets are made and the range of colours found there in nature, and avoiding creation of precise geometric shapes. The right technique and colour combination are essential, as a poorly designed camouflage net serves the opposite function: it betrays the location of the soldiers to the enemy and may even serve as a death sentence.

The finished camouflage nets will be delivered directly into the hands of the Ukrainian defenders with the help of our volunteers and cooperation partners.

You can support the camouflage net workshops both financially by making donations for the purchase of the necessary materials and by joining the workshops (pre-registration is preferable; registration form is HERE).

More information about the net workshops[email protected] or +371 26554194.