"ТВОРЧІ ЗУСТРІЧІ" - culture and educational center of "TAVI DRAUGI" ("YOUR FRIENDS")

Educational center

Since June this year, Ukrainians living in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia are welcome to visit “Творчі зустрічі” (“Creative meetings”) – the Living room of the organization “Tavi draugi” located in Riga Support Centre for Ukrainian Residents on Amatu street 4. It’s a place for meetings, gaining new skills and expressing one’s talents, learning for yourself and sharing your knowledge with others.

Currently, English classes, yoga afternoons, cinema evenings, various creative master classes, such as drawing and jewelry making, and also lectures in cosmetology take place in the living room. The offer will soon be complemented by singing and dance classes, game nights, knitting and book clubs and other activities for a pleasant and creative pastime and making new friends. In order to improve social and economic conditions and raise awareness of the Latvian labour market, informative seminars will be organized on data protection, consumer rights protection, labour law, development of speech and communication skills, and entrepreneurship and taxes.

Up-to-date information about classes and the possibility to apply for them is available on the social media accounts of the Living room on Facebook and Instagram, as well as in the Telegram group of the organization “Tavi draugi” .

If you have an idea for a creative leisure activity or an activity promoting intercultural dialogue and interaction, contact us by writing to [email protected].

May we have many beautiful and creative meetings!