How high heel shoes can help Ukrainian soldiers: call for donations for a charity shop

The association Tavi Draugi invites people in Latvia to donate clothes, footwear, interior objects, books and other items in good condition to set up a charity shop. The Tavi Draugi charity shop will be opened in the next few months in the centre of Riga and will serve as a platform for converting in-kind donations into financial donations to support Ukrainian war hospitals and Latvian people in crisis situations. 

Ulvis Noviks, head of Tavi Draugi: “With the full-scale war in Ukraine going on for already almost two years, we are looking for ever-new ways to raise donations and provide the Ukrainian army and civilians with what they need. The charity shop will open up more opportunities for providing financial donations to our charity projects, both to the Ukrainian army and to the Latvian residents in need. From now on, we will sort through all donations received in our hangar at Ventspils iela 50, selecting saleable items that will get a second life on the shelves of our charity shop.”

The funds raised at the charity shop will be transferred to the Ukrainian war hospitals, which operate both as stationary hospitals and on a mobile basis, following the front line and saving the lives of soldiers wounded in action. Latvian residents will be supported through specific projects.

The Tavi Draugi charity shop invites donations of clothing, footwear, bags and other accessories, books (except books issued in large volumes during the Soviet time), toys, interior objects, dishes, jewellery and other saleable items of any style.

“In our future charity shop, we will let good things continue to live a meaningful and useful life thus reducing the production and consumption of new goods. We will welcome items of all tastes and styles for ladies, men, children and young people; they may be used but should be in good condition. Books would be particularly useful at this stage – we had not asked for donating them before,” says Zane Priedīte, project manager of the Tavi Draugi charity shop. 

Donations for the charity shop, together with other donations for the support of Ukraine, are accepted at the Tavi Draugi hangar in Riga, Ventspils iela 50, on weekdays from 10.00 to 18.00 and on Saturdays from 10.00 to 16.00. Information about the charity shop and donation opportunities is available here.