Laptops for Ukraine

What is the LAPTOPS FOR UKRAINE initiative?

Organisation ”Tavi Draugi” established a cooperation with the BEREC Office, which is the only EU Agency with its headquarters operating in Latvia. The Agency is working in the area of electronic communications in the EU, and we have partnered to participate in the initiative Laptops for Ukraine, to help Ukraine stay connected. The initiative is organized jointly by the European Commission, the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation, and DigitalEurope (a European organization representing the digital technology industry).

The aim of the Laptops for Ukraine initiative is to collect and deliver laptops, smartphones, and tablets, thus responding to the fundamental needs of schools, hospitals, and public administrations in Ukraine’s most affected war regions.

There are different collection hubs all over the European Union member states, but we are the first to open one in Latvia.

So if you have a functional device(s) you are willing to donate for this purpose, please bring it to our collection point on Ventspils Street 50, Riga, LV-1002.


Monday to Saturday 10.00 līdz plkst. 18:00. Sunday – closed.

Some important information about the devices:
  • It seems obvious, but the device(s) should be fully functional;
  • For laptops, that also means a working battery, screen, and keyboard/trackpad;
  • For phones or other touch-screen devices, there should be a working battery and screen;
  • If you have a charger, please, bring it too;
  • Please, remove any personal/sensitive information from your device before donating it!


For any questions, please, contact

+371 26554194 ( Renate)

[email protected]